Odio, fanatismo y armas, el cóctel más perturbador

jose luisOdio + fanatismo + armas, el cóctel más dañino y perturbador, el que ha provocado la muerte de medio centenar de personas en un club gay de Orlando (Florida). El ambiente de intransigencia y radicalización comienza a ser irrespirable en Estados Unidos y Europa. Continue reading →

Libros (2): Volumen de la Universidad de Wroclaw sobre los atentados del 11M en Madrid

Portada del libro sobre terrorismo y medios de comunicaciónLas profesoras polacas Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowskiej y Michala Kusia han coordinado la publicación de un volumen sobre Terrorismo y medios de comunicación en España, a partir del análisis de los atentados del 11M de 2004 en Madrid y sus repercusiones sociales y políticas posteriores. Dicho volumen recopila las ponencias que tuvieron lugar durante el congreso internacional que tuvo lugar el 11M de 2005 en el marco del Aula Leopoldina de la Universidad de Wroclaw y en el que participaron destacados expertos de universidades polacas y españolas.

Ten keys facts about 11M

Ten keys facts about 11M

Communication of professor Jose Luis González
International Conference about the terrorist attacks of 11M organized by the University of Wroclaw (Poland)
Wroclaw, 11th March 2005

Wroclaw 11 M 2005 English

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Presentation of the Conference in charge of the Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Wroclaw Universitiy (AULA LEOPOLDINA)

Conferencia internacional sobre el 11M celebrada en el Aula Leopoldina de la Universidad de Wroclaw (Polonia)On 12th September 2001, Manuel Castells, Doctor in Sociology and Urban and Regional Planning in the University of Berkeley (United States), and one of the most advanced intellectuals of our time, told me about his reflections from California: “What happened yesterday (11S) in New York lays down a change in international relations because it brings along a different type of war, a war that will be long, cruel and with multiple manifestations in many places”.

On 11th March 2004, my beloved Madrid was outraged… it was one more of those cruel manifestations that Castells calls Red War, in the name of the Holy War.
“Network terrorism is defeated with intelligence activities and repression to these network nodes by military people and police”. Castells added to this reflection- at a consternated time when he just felt like any other North-American citizen: “I sympathize deeply with the American nation, which I am a part of, in a way”. He expressed a fundamental thought to understand the problem: “We have to deal with the originating reasons by means of tolerance and respect for all cultures, the guaranteed creation of a Palestinian State is essential and, what is more, a global development plan for the new economy and technological revolution to integrate those segments excluded from the planet”.

He said this before 11S, he said it after, he is saying it now talking about the slaughter in Madrid, the matter is clear: “Israel must be obliged to recognize a Palestinian State and to live peacefully, but fundamentalism goes further from a civilized way of living, in the West as in the East”.

This Spanish intellectual thinks that the humiliated identity and the religious and cultural contempt of Islam by western authorities drag along the opposition and the calling of a Holy War by the fundamentalists. On one side the Red War, on the other side the Holy War; two complementary concepts whose aim is the destruction of the economic and political institutions of the United States… and, as we could well see by ourselves, of Europe.

According to Castells, we find three levels in this conflict: the first, to put Islamic fundamentalist terrorist networks out of action; the second, to prevent the re-construction of these networks; and finally, to avoid their recreation. Castells affirms that “our economic and social organization and our political institutions have created the phenomenon we have to fight today, including Bin Laden, who learnt in the CIA. In the long term, we need an absolute reform in our world, overcoming social exclusion and the oppression of identities. In the short term, we are at war”. A war that we have suffered in Spain in its most bloodthirsty way.

In memory of the 192 victims
Wroclaw (Polska) 11th of March 2005